Early-Mover in a Large and Rapidly Expanding Market

Esports Entertainment Group Inc. is a licensed online-gambling company specializing in e-sports wagering and 18+ gaming. The Company offers bet-exchange-style wagering on e-sports events through a licensed, regulated, and secured platform to the global e-sports audience, currently excluding the US and EU, but with recent US SCOTUS decision, the market in the US could open rapidly. The Company also plans to offer users from around the world the ability to participate in multi-player mobile and PC video-game tournaments for cash prizes. Esports Entertainment is led by a team of industry professionals and technical experts from the online-gambling and video-game industries.

ESports Fantasy Video Game Art

GMBL is in the early stages of a large market opportunity. The e-sports market is the fastest-growing sports market in the world, with an estimated 385 million e-sports fans globally. Adidas, Under Armour, Nike and other major brands sponsor players, teams, and events, while media rights for events, which hit $50 million in 2016, are expected to surge seven-fold by 2020, reaching nearly $340 million.

GMBL launched its VIE e-sports-wagering platform in March. Since launch, the Company has signed scores of affiliate marketing partners, which should accelerate user acquisition and revenue growth. As an early-mover in a large and rapidly expanding market, GMBL provides investors an opportunity for significant upside.

  • GMBL launched its VIE e-sports wagering platform in March 2018
    • Bet exchange style wagering on esports events in a licensed, regulated and secured platform
    • Bet exchange model provides for player versus player betting (PVP) with the house taking a small percentage of each wager; removes company risk (unlike traditional sports book)

  • Current online gambling market is more than $50 billion
    • E-sports wagering expected to exceed $20 billion by 2020
    • May 2018 US Supreme Court decision paves way for state legalized sports gambling across the US; new market opportunities could add billions to wagering projections
    • Americans place $150 billion a year in illegal sports bets according to the American Gaming Association

  • Large network of affiliate marketing partners
    • 250+ affiliates reaching nearly all esports fans globally
    • 134 esports teams signed as affiliates as of September 2018