Esports Entertainment Group (GMBL) is a full stack esports and online gambling company fueled by the growth of video-gaming and the ascendance of esports with new generations. Our mission is to help connect the world at large with the future of sports entertainment in unique and enriching ways that bring fans and gamers together. GMBL and its affiliates are well-poised to help fans and players to stay connected and involved with their favorite esports. From traditional sports partnerships with professional NFL/NHL/NBA/FIFA teams, community-focused tournaments in a wide range of esports, and boots-on-the-ground LAN cafes, GMBL has influence over the full-spectrum of esports and gaming at all levels. The Company maintains offices in New Jersey, the UK and Malta.

GMBL successfully completed its NASDAQ IPO in April 2020, raising approximately $8.4 million and raised an additional $30 million in February 2021. GMBL is the first US-based iGaming (online gambling) company to list on the NASDAQ, and the Company is leveraging this status to execute an aggressive rollup M&A strategy in the highly fragmented esports and online gambling markets. The Company has already completed a series of acquisitions, including Argyll Entertainment, a UK and Ireland licensed gaming and online sportsbook company, which generates approximately $12 million in revenue. Additional acquisitions announced over the last 12 months include the assets of FLIP Sports, Helix eSports, ggCircuit, EGL, Lucky Dino, and Bethard. Collectively, through the combination of these acquisitions and organic growth, GMBL is forecasting $100 million - $105 million revenue in fiscal year 2022 (ending June 30, 2022). Additionally, the Company and its subsidiaries have built a strong foothold in major sports, signing deals with New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LA Kings, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Cavaliers, Arsenal FC, and many more. GMBL generated $16.8 million revenue in fiscal 2021 (ended June 30) and grew stockholders’ equity to $74.8 million. Roth Capital gives GMBL a buy rating and $22 price target.

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  • Three-pillar growth strategy
    • Esports entertainment and infrastructure; esports wagering; and iGaming

  • NASDAQ-listing has accelerated aggressive M&A strategy
    • Raised additional $30 million in February 2021
    • Esports and online gambling markets remain highly fragmented
    • Completed first acquisition in July 2020, Argyll Entertainment, a UK and Ireland licensed gaming and online sportsbook company, which generates approx. $12M revenue
    • Generated $16.8M revenue for fiscal 2021 (ended June 30)
    • Acquisitions of Lucky Dino, Helix Esports, ggCircuit, and Bethard increase FY22 (ending June 30, 2022) guidance to $100M - $105M

  • Top-tier partnerships
    • Signed deals with Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LA Kings, LA Galaxy, Arsenal FC, NE Patriots, NY Rangers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and more
    • Additional partnerships include Dignitas, Epsilon, GOLeague, and more

  • Buy rating and $22 price target from Roth Capital
    • Roth Capital believes GMBL could generate $650M revenue by 2030, with $135M EBITDA on 25% margins

  • Rapid growth in esports market globally
    • Industry expected to grow to $2.2B by 2023, an 18.6% CAGR
    • Media rights expected to surpass $250M in 2019, up from $50 million in 2016
    • Global esports betting is larger than the esports economy itself and projected to exceed $23 billion in 2020

  • Experienced management and technology team
    • Chairman & CEO brings 10+ years online gambling experience
    • CIO is former Network Operations Manager for Activision Blizzard
    • Management and board members with extensive expertise with gaming commissions and International esports federation